Here it is, I've go3t the 4 pages up and running check it out. Of course I bullshitted most of the text content, but you can make it fit your needs. I'll be diving a bit deeper into the components of the home page. I'll leave the rest upto you to for futher understanding.

# Code for the Home page

    <title>My cool site</title>
    <h2>Welcome to my home page</h2> 
      Hi, my name is {{INSERT_NAME_HERE}}, I'm the coolest person to ever walk the face of this planet earth.
      <i>If you don't belive so, you can <strong>go suck a lemon</strong>.</i> 
      <br />
      JK, we're cool.
      You can learn more <a href="about.html" title="Learn more about my awesomeness">about me</a> 
      and also get information on how to
      <a href="contact.html" title="How to get in touch">be in touch with me</a>.
      This site showcases some of my work, please feel free to 
      <a href="portfolio.html" title="View my portfolio page">check them out</a>.


# Home page code breakdown

  • <a> - Link tag
    • Used to link to other pages, websites, or anything with an IP address.
  • <body> - Body tag
    • Used to definne the body of an HTML document.
    • This instructs the browser that it's content should be rendered to the user/visitor.
  • <br /> - Break tag
    • Since the browser doesn't respect newline characters in an HTML document, this tag is used to force a line break.
  • <h2> - Header level 2
    • To specify a header, the H tag is used. It ranges from H1 - H6, with H1 being the highest, and H6 the lowest.
  • <head> - Head tag
    • Used to define the head of an HTML document
    • The head tag is where most of the metadata of the page is put.
  • <html> - HTML tag
    • Used to define the HTML document.
  • <i> - Italics tag
    • Used to italicize a text
  • <p> - Paragraph tag
    • Used to specify a paragraph,
  • <strong> - Strong tag
    • Used to specify emphasis on an element/text.
  • <title> - Title tag
    • Used to specify the title that the browser displays for the page on the title bar.